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eComZone vs. AliExpress: Europe's Dropshipping Evolution

eComZone vs. AliExpress: Why it makes perfect sense to choose the emerging EU supplier over the biggest name in the business


Suppose you have the slightest experience in dropshipping. In that case, you already know that growing and maintaining successful operations in the blooming e-commerce market is not to be taken lightly. At all!

Even when partnered with top global players that offer supreme logistics and support โ€“ there are many hidden obstacles to be constantly aware of:

  • Limited room for growth
  • Struggling with establishing repeated sales
  • The exceptionally high number of competitors
  • All the more expensive advertising etc.


However, there is a little-known solution to these problems to pay special attention to. It sits just around the corner from big names in the dropshipping business โ€“ an off-the-radar platform eComZone.


There are several key differences between eComZone and AliExpress before choosing your long-term partner.



Monthly fees

No subscription

No subscription.

Registration fee

€ 0

€ 0

COD to 15+ EU countries



EU delivery price

€ 3.41 - € 9.70

Fixed prices

High costs are variable, depending on:

- The weight

- The dimensions

- The destination

- The carrier

Dropshippers may need to pay extra for services like ePacket shipping, and some suppliers have minimum order quantities or different pricing for bulk orders.

EU delivery time

2–5 days
(Warehouse is located in the EU)

15–45 days
(Most suppliers are based in China)

Return price

€ 1.00 - € 1.50 + shipping

Changeable, depending on factors such as:

  • the product price
  • shipping costs
  • return policies of the supplier

Business Model


AliExpress offers a traditional dropshipping model, which requires users to have an e-commerce store to process orders.ย 


The enormous marketplace has equally great advantages:ย 

  • 100 million products
  • trending products at a lower price
  • dropshipping fulfillment, and many others.


But there are some downsides to consider:

  • With 100 million products, you usually end up looking for a needle in a haystack. Aside from this, the top-selling products have probably oversaturated the market.
  • As with any large online platform, there is a higher risk of scams or fraudulent sellers. This can lead to product quality, delivery, and customer satisfaction issues. ย 
  • The competition is too high to be able to scale efficiently. Dropshippers usually have trouble standing out from the competition and establishing a loyal customer base.
  • Communication can be difficult, especially if the seller does not speak English fluently.ย 


Compared to the well-developed but non-personalized AliExpress system, e-ComZone turns out to be much more flexible:ย 


  • Adapts quickly and easily to the client's requirements, giving them a personalized experience and support.ย 
  • Provides clear and timely 1 on 1 communication at every stage to manage any issues.ย 
  • Nurtures a reliable network of manufacturers worldwide, saving their clients time in researching suppliers and negotiating with sellers.
  • The sourcing service is highly adaptable, offering complete products customization, which enables dropshippers to stand out from the competition.ย 
  • The associate business model allows users to dropship products without having a registered company making it easier and more accessible for aspiring entrepreneurs.ย 
  • The catalog contains products from all niches, primarily those unavailable in physical stores. Additionally, no product enters the catalog before detailed testing of its demand.
  • eComZone established an extensive courier network across the European Union to ensure fast delivery. This network guarantees fast shipping to all corners of the continent.


Integration and Automation


In 10 years of doing business, AliExpress has developed many possibilities to integrate with popular e-commerce platforms. You can use it and navigate it easily, no matter your experience level.ย 

Yet, tailor-made solutions are what helps clients grow exponentially in a short period. eComZone prefers consulting with them before establishing the base for their business. They provide XML and CSV files, and currently develop automatic integrations with e-commerce platforms.ย ย 


Shipping and Delivery


Free shipping often really means super long delivery times (15โ€“45 days). The most obvious downside is backlash from the customers and the struggle to gain trust in the market.ย 

On the other hand, eComZone operates with warehouses in Europe. With lower costs and significantly faster delivery (2-5 days), they ensure better customer satisfaction and increased revenue.ย 


Services Offered


Although a less-known EU supplier, eComZone will help you with a wide range of services including wholesale, fulfillment, sourcing, performance marketing tips, custom software development, AI, and automation services.ย 

AliExpress primarily focuses on dropshipping, wholesale, and fulfillment with worldwide shipping.ย 


Payment Options


Unlike AliExpress, which offers only standard online payment methods, eComZone has an additional payment option โ€“ cash-on-delivery.ย 

Since many customers worldwide still prefer to pay for the product after its arrival, this way they will be more satisfied with your services.ย 




AliExpress is said to have a complex return process that can vary depending on several factors, such as the product price, shipping costs, and the return policies of the supplier.

eComZone nurtures a transparent return policy for products in perfect condition (keeps shipping price + return price) and defective products (offers a full refund or new product if the supplier is at fault).



Partnering with established names in e-commerce is always the safest way to build your dropshipping business.ย 

However, if you're looking to make serious sales, choosing an emerging supplier in the e-commerce field might be the key to success. That's where eComZone comes in.

eComZone not only sources a range of winning products but also offers personalized solutions to help its clients grow and scale faster.ย 

With its deep understanding of the market, all-in-one services, and dedicated 24/7 support, eComZone is committed to helping its clients succeed in the fast-paced world of dropshipping.

So if you're looking for a partner to help you take your dropshipping business to the next level, choose eComZone.ย 


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