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How to Profit from Black Friday in eCommerce

Black Friday is just around the corner, and we've got the ultimate guide to help you maximize your profits during this shopping extravaganza. We'll walk you through top tactics to boost your sales and ensure your store becomes the No. 1 stop shop for gifting season.

No time to waste - the holidays are just around the corner, so let's jump to the chase and prepare your store for Q4.

Here are the basics of what you must do to prepare for Cyber Week!

Before BFCM (1-2 months ahead)

Prepare your inventory by stocking up on your best-sellers and consider including (dropshipping) new, exclusive items. Create a marketing plan for email, social media, and advertising. Prepare content in advance and schedule posts! Make sure to optimize your website to handle increased traffic.

Set attractive yet sustainable discounts for your products. Build anticipation by teasing your audience with sneak peeks and exclusive pre-sale offers. 

During BFCM (sales week)

Update your website with eye-catching deals and clear calls to action. Send personalized emails to announce your deals and engage subscribers. Be responsive to increased customer inquiries and employ urgency tactics with limited-time offers. Suggest related products to boost sales.

After BFCM (1-2 weeks post-sales)

Analyze sales data and feedback to improve for the next BFCM. Address cart abandonment with reminders and incentives. Continue offering discounts on remaining inventory.

13 Cyber Week Sales Tactics

Start with huge discounts

An irresistible Black Friday deal is the key. Shoppers love crazy discounts, so offer something bigger than the norm, like an incredible 60% off on all kitchen tools. You can even throw in some 'Buy one, get one' offers.

Treat your loyal customers with hot Cyber Week online deals

Don't hold back when it comes to your loyal customers. Offer even bigger discounts and special perks. Consider early access to Black Friday sales, gift boxes, bundled deals, and exclusive savings of up to 15% with a unique code for your VIP email customers.

Don’t forget Black November

Black November is your runway to Black Friday, so plan your promotions wisely to keep your customers engaged. Remember, ad buyers are starting to run Black Friday deals earlier on social media platforms to optimize their strategies for the big weekend.

Keep customers on the edge of excitement

Get your customers excited with flash sales leading up to Black Friday. Offer new deals daily, and ensure they know the limited availability (FOMO). Create buzz and boost sales before the main event.

Make converting landing pages for online Cyber Week deals

Optimize your store for a seamless shopping experience. Your mobile website deserves special attention since most shoppers use smartphones. Personalize the user experience to make your visitors feel special and informed.

When designing your landing page, focus on highlighting your main offer and its benefits. Keep your message clear, and ensure that your CTAs are easy to find and compelling.

Rethink old-fashioned coupons 

To reduce friction during the checkout process, consider automating discounts without the need for customers to remember or input a code. Freshen up your eCommerce Black Friday strategy with fast, flexible promotions during the checkout process.

Prevent shopping cart abandonment for Black Friday eCommerce sales

Shopping cart abandonment is an everyday problem, not just during the Cyber Week Sales. But in this part of the year, it’s especially important to reduce it.

  • Don't rely solely on email marketing; engage customers through various channels, prioritizing social media.

Don't let those potential sales slip away - take action and recover them by any means necessary.

Upsell and Cross-Sell your products for an improved eCommerce conversion rate on Black Friday

Increase your sales by upselling and cross-selling. Recommend upgraded versions, add-ons, or complementary products to your customers. A well-crafted sales copy with enticing phrases like "Check similar products" can persuade customers to make additional purchases.

Make sure your store can handle traffic spikes with ease

Slow-loading pages or website crashes can cause customers to leave, so it's important to be prepared. Make sure your website is running smoothly to avoid losing potential customers.

Speed is crucial. Your store should load fast because it takes just a few seconds for a visitor to decide whether they'll stay or leave.

Optimize for mobile

Streamlining the checkout process is a crucial factor in optimizing the user experience on your website. A complicated or confusing checkout process can lead to cart abandonment, negatively impacting your sales and revenue.

Additionally, with more and more users accessing websites through their mobile devices, it is essential to ensure that your mobile version is designed with ease of use in mind.

By simplifying the checkout experience and making your mobile version more user-friendly, you can increase the likelihood of users completing their purchases and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Prioritize customer service 

One of the most important Black Friday eCommerce tips is providing responsive and fast responses to customer inquiries. Also, expect an increase in customer service requests. 

Be readily available to resolve issues and build trust with your customers.

An effective retargeting strategy is everything 

Don't lose potential buyers who abandoned their shopping carts. Implement retargeting strategies to re-engage customers.

Mark this as a must when it comes to eCommerce Black Friday marketing tips.

Free shipping as the best eCommerce Black Friday deal

Offering free shipping during Black Friday Cyber Monday sales is a smart way to stay competitive and attract customers. Even if you don't typically provide free shipping, it can be a great way to increase sales during this busy shopping season. 

Additionally, consider providing 2-day delivery to meet the expectations of customers looking for fast and free shipping. As eCommerce continues to grow and become a part of global shopping habits, fast and free shipping is becoming more of a standard expectation.

SMS marketing as a less competitive marketing strategy

Black Friday Cyber Monday is the perfect time to take advantage of SMS marketing. By getting customers to opt-in to your text messages, you can create an engaged subscriber base that is more likely to convert.

With these tactics, you can maximize your eCommerce sales during Cyber Week. Happy selling, and may your Black Friday be profitable!

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