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CJdropshipping vs. eComZone: 7 reasons why eComZone is a better choice to grow your eCommerce in the EU

As an eCom owner or dropshipper, finding a reliable supplier for your eCommerce business is essential for success. With so many options available, choosing the right one is challenging. 

Two popular options are CJdropshipping and eComZone. 

In this comparison, we'll take a closer look at customer support, product selection, returns, and refunds, shipping times and fees, and other factors to help you make an informed decision.


eComZone doesn’t charge subscriptions or registration and has no hidden fees. CJdropshipping follows, besides charging a processing fee when buying products from other channels. 

Some additional fees are tied to additional services, like branding.

eComZone offers semi-branding that includes brand labeling on the package and invoices - free of charge.

CJdropshipping offers more options, like adding brands' logos, custom notes, and custom labels. Still, some of them are pricy and aren’t available when stocking goods in Europe.

CJdropshipping’s additional fees

Finding winning products

There's no magic bullet or section to find winning products on CJdropshipping’s website - the best choice is to go through the different categories on their homepage, some of which are - new products, hot selling, video products, etc.

On the other hand, eComZone offers only tested products with high saleability scores. They test saleability by making sales pages for each product, with high-converting photos, videos, and copy, and ran campaigns on social media. Only products with optimal CPA are added to the catalog.

Also, their clients get the advertising material used in testing campaigns for free.

Returns and refunds 

CJdropshipping’s customers should provide photos or videos of damaged items, screenshots of complaints, and return products when requested. CJdropshipping will refund, resend, or accept returns for:

  • Orders delayed, 
  • Orders not received, 
  • Products damaged, 
  • Incorrect or missing products, and 
  • Order cancellations.

CJdropshipping does not suggest returning products to their warehouses because of high international shipping costs and the risk of lost or damaged products in transit. Additionally, CJdropshipping may only accept returns for service products that have CJdropshipping's quality checking inspection.

At eComZone, if a customer returns a product in its full condition and in the timeframe of 14 days, eComZone keeps shipping + return price. 

If eComZone is responsible for the return (exceeding the timeframe for sending the product or the product is damaged), they will send a full refund to a client. Also, if the product arrives damaged to the customer by their fault, they do a refund or send the new product.

Shipping Times & Fees

CJdropshipping’s Germany warehouse - available services:

  • Private Inventory
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Local Shipping in 3-7 days

For the Germany warehouse, the product quantity for one SKU is no less than 100 pcs.

Users need to select products directly on CJdropshipping, add them to their purchase list, and click "Preorder Inventory" to submit a request for stocking products in CJdropshipping's Germany warehouse. Once the products are stocked in the warehouse, users can deduct them directly from their inventory on CJdropshipping for their orders, which will be delivered to their customers through local shipping.

While with eComZone, you can dropship any product from the platform, all of which are tested for saleability without quantity restriction. Dropshipping with eComZone results in faster shipping times, as the products don’t need to be preordered from China - they’re already in Slovenia stock and ready to sell. 

Also, eComZone has developed a courier network, enabling 2-5 days delivery across Europe.

Price of pre-stocking goods with CJdropshipping

Familiarity with Local Market

eComZone managers have a better understanding of the local market, enabling them to provide products according to current market demand and the needs of customers in that region.

CJdropshipping has more products to offer, but the fact that dropshippers need to pre-stock inventory to provide fast shipping to the EU condemns them to advertise only those products and cancels the benefit of product variety. 

Customer support quality

Based on CJdropshipping's customer reviews and complaints, their support team is not answering promptly. Also, the ever-present language barrier continues to disrupt the information flow.

On the other hand, eComZone dedicates an expert to each client that guides them through the whole process.

Stronger Consumer Protections 

European countries tend to have stricter consumer protection laws, which can provide additional peace of mind for clients purchasing products from a European supplier. In this case, the certification and all importing law practices are taken care of by eComZone.

By dropshipping from a European supplier, customers avoid certain customs and import fees that can be incurred when products are shipped from China.

On the other hand, drop shipping from a Chinese supplier may offer some advantages, such as:

Lower Product Costs: Chinese suppliers often offer lower prices for products due to the lower cost of labor and materials in China.

Greater Variety of Products: Chinese suppliers tend to offer a wider variety of products than European suppliers, which can make it easier to find niche or specialized products.


When it comes to finding winning products, eComZone offers tested products with high saleability scores, whereas CJdropshipping does not have an easy way to find winning products.

And regarding customer support, eComZone has the edge over CJdropshipping, as they assign an expert to each client and provide free semi-branding. While CJdropshipping charges processing fees and additional fees for branding.

In terms of shipping times and fees, eComZone has an advantage, as they dropship from their Slovenian stock and have developed a courier network that delivers across Europe in 2-5 days. CJdropshipping has a warehouse in Germany, but users need to preorder inventory, and the minimum product quantity for one SKU is no less than 100 pcs.

By dropshipping from a European supplier like eComZone, customers may avoid customs and import fees and benefit from familiarity with the local market and stronger consumer protections. In contrast, dropshipping from a Chinese supplier like CJdropshipping may offer lower product costs and a greater variety of products.

Overall, choosing between CJdropshipping and eComZone depends on your specific needs and priorities as a dropshipper.

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