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Join the party: TikTok Ad Library is now available and open to all

Have you heard about the TikTok Ad Library? It's actually a cool initiative by TikTok that's all about transparency. They wanted to give people a way to easily find out about any ad campaigns they've had in the past and are currently running. 

So, TikTok decided to respond to the growing demand for transparency in digital advertising with this awesome Ad Library. Right now, the TikTok Ad Library is up and running, mainly catering to users in the European Union.

The best part is that it gives us real-time insights into the ads, like the size of their target audience, the age and gender they're aimed at, and even more details, like what interests the audience. We can also find out how long the ads run and get info on the organizations that paid for them.

TikTok has gone the extra mile and made sure to include content that's generally commercial.  That means they cover not just regular paid ads but also influencer marketing stuff that's meant to promote products or services. So, even if an influencer's post isn't officially a paid ad, if it's trying to promote something, you'll still find it in the Ad Library.

Why did TikTok become so transparent?

TikTok introduced this high level of transparency for several important reasons. The main one is to comply with regulations like the European Union's Digital Services Act (DSA). You see, TikTok has now been classified as a very large online platform (VLOP) under the DSA, which means it must follow stricter rules when it comes to transparency and disclosure.

But it's not just about following rules; this transparency is actually beneficial for users and advertisers alike. By providing insights into ad campaigns through the Ad Library, users can better understand who's behind the ads they see on TikTok. It helps create a more open and trustworthy environment. For advertisers, this transparency allows them to gain valuable data, inspiration for ads, and insights into the performance of ads.

And there's more! This transparency extends beyond users and advertisers – it also reaches out to the academic and research community. TikTok has made its research API accessible to Europe, which means researchers can now study systemic risks and trends associated with major social media platforms. 

This move not only helps TikTok comply with regulations but also contributes to a broader understanding of how digital platforms impact society and culture. So, it's a win-win situation for everyone involved!

What can you find in TikTok Ad Library?

The TikTok Ad Library is a valuable resource advertisers find incredibly useful. Here's a rundown of its key features that can help you make the most of it:

Easy Search

You can easily search for specific ad campaigns using various criteria, like the target country, ad type, ad published date, or even the advertiser's name or keyword.

Ad Insights

When you click on a campaign, you'll get a ton of useful info about the ad. This includes:

  • How long it’s been running
  • Who the target audience is (demographics)
  • Who funded it
  • The countries where it was shown 

Plus, you'll get extra details like the audience's interests, interactions with the video, and interactions with the creator.

Influencer Marketing Content

The library also includes content that's "commercial in nature," which means it covers influencer marketing stuff too. You can easily tell which posts are part of paid partnerships or promotions, helping you differentiate organic content from promotional posts.

Ad Performance Metrics

Each ad comes with performance metrics, such as the number of days it was published, how many impressions it received, and the countries where it was most popular.

Comprehensive Coverage

Every ad that has received at least one impression or was published after October 1, 2022, is included in the library. So, you get a complete picture of all the ads that have made an impact.

No Political Ads

The good news is you won't find any political or election ads in the TikTok Ad Library. This ensures that you won't come across any controversial or potentially influential content.

Advertiser Information

On the Ads Summary page, you'll find the name of the advertiser and the person or entity that paid for the ad (if it's different from the advertiser, like an agency). This allows for a more in-depth analysis of their past and current ads.

How to benefit from TikTok Ad Library

Marketers operating on TikTok can greatly benefit from using the TikTok Ad Library. Let's take a closer look at some of the ways this resource can be incredibly valuable:

  • Get inspired by checking out your competitors
  • Keep up with the trends
  • Boost creativity
  • Stay informed
  • Track competitor impressions
  • Refine targeting
  • Timely updates
  • No login required

The Ad Library allows you to stay updated on your competitors' latest moves in 2023. You can see who they're partnering with and the type of content they're using in their ads. 

Top 5 TikTok trends found in TikTok Ad Library for July 2023

TikTok is all about fun and trends. If you manage to recreate a viral trend in your ads, you’re about 99% doomed to win.

Here’s a list of examples of viral eCommerce trends and, of course, a worldwide Barbie trend that exploded in July 2023:

  1. What’s Barbie doing here? Well, the current # of posts is 490K. So, see if you can incorporate it in your product advertisement. Totally worth a shot.
@ilove7thheaven Self-care never looked so fun 🫧💗 Repost: @Jessica, your beauty bestie!💋 #skincaretok #selfcareroutine #barbie ♬ Nonsense sped up Sabrina Carpenter - Stan :)

  1. Greenscreen! Play with it.

@peachandlilyofficial Glass Skin Refining Serum is basically glass skin in a bottle👌🏼 @dr.zionko #PeachAndLily #GlassSkin #GlassSkinGoals #skinhealth #skintokthings #skin ♬ original sound - Peach & Lily

  1. TikTok made me buy it! It’s so viral that it doesn’t need an explanation.

  1. The good, old “Before and after"

  1. #ASMR #Unboxing 

It’s so attention-grabbing that it’s a trend that lasts for years. It’s what people really like, at least, it’s what engagement rates claim.

So, if you're a marketer on TikTok, using the TikTok Ad Library is a game-changer. Happy advertising!

How to navigate TikTok Ad Library

This is going to be easy. Just follow the quick steps below.

  1. Open the TikTok Ad Library

Not like it’s obvious, but you’ll have to open the TikTok Ad Library. Here’s the link 

  1. Time to search

Enter your criteria for the Ad target country, Ad published date, and Advertiser name/keyword (optional), and press Search

  1. Now, scroll until you find what you came for… Aaand, click on it!

Just for educational purposes, we’ll choose this one (not like we’re craving to travel).

If you did everything right (and it’s really hard not to), you should be on a page that looks like this:

  1. Create, explore, expand, conquer

Create a game plan for your further marketing efforts by analyzing the ads from your niche in depth. Then use that data to improve your advertising on TikTok.

Remember that booking ad a few lines above? Here’s the data we found there:

  • Their focus was on France users aged between 18-55+ years old.
  • They showed interest in Travel
  • They appeal to both genders + unknown gender and have an audience between 13.5M-16.5M 

This data can be used to identify competitors and compare them with similar campaigns.

Besides targeting, you can also analyze the ad creative, such as headlines, copy, visuals, CTAs, and more. If Boots' top-performing ads use specific colors or video layouts, you can consider adopting a similar creative approach for your own campaigns.

Remember, it's essential not to copy the exact ad but rather use it as a starting point to fuel your own creativity.

Influencer marketing on TikTok

Influencers, like them or not, one thing you have to admit - they know how to sell.

With their large followings, they can strongly influence purchase decisions. For brands looking to partner with TikTok creators, it's essential to choose influencers whose values align with the product and target audience. 

Now you can easily search for content creators that’ll provenly match the audience base you need for your products’ services.

Here’s where you can do that:

And then there’s the other way around. Look for specific creators and see all of their paid content. This way, you can get inspired for your content or easily see if that’s the perfect creator for your business.

Just type in their username and click Search to filter results:

Creative collaborations resonate with viewers, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates. Partnering with influencers is a great way for brands to promote their stuff and reach more customers.

Okay, you’re good to go 

In a nutshell, here are the key takeaways that marketers should know about the TikTok Ad Library:

Purpose of the Ad Library: The TikTok Ad Library was created to comply with advertising transparency regulations, like those from the DSA. It aims to provide users with clear information about past and present ad campaigns.

Detailed insights: Advertisers can access detailed insights about TikTok ad campaigns. This includes information about the target demographics, ad duration, and the organizations funding the ads. These insights can help improve future advertising strategies and provide a better understanding of TikTok's algorithm.

Creative inspiration: The Ad Library is a valuable resource for creative ideas. By analyzing elements like color palettes, transitions, and audio used in competitor ads, advertisers can gain inspiration for crafting their own impactful campaigns.

Influencer marketing coverage: The Ad Library not only includes paid ads but also covers influencer marketing content that's deemed 'commercial in nature'. This allows advertisers to explore how influencers are leveraging their reach on TikTok.

Timely updates: The Ad Library is regularly updated, with all data reflecting changes within a day. This helps advertisers stay up-to-date with industry trends and respond quickly to market shifts.

So, the TikTok Ad Library is more than just a tool for transparency; it's an invaluable asset for advertisers seeking competitive insights and creative ideas. Using this resource, you can create standout campaigns that have a lasting impact on the TikTok platform.

Ready to get started? Dive into the Ad Library and begin making successful ads on TikTok!

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