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Shopify spy tools - Gather competitors' data in just one click

Selling online most of the time feels like having a blindfold on. Finding the right data is daunting, and mistakes tied to it are pretty costly.

But there’s a way to see through your competitor's online store interface and catch data like:

  • Competitor store details, including apps and pricing
  • Best-selling products in Shopify stores
  • Product details like the latest additions and oldest items

Imagine knowing your competitors' best-selling tricks and being able to export their data effortlessly. Actually, you can! And it's as easy as installing a browser extension!

So, prepare to outsmart the competition, boost your sales, and save precious time. Stick around, and we promise these extensions will become your No. 1 partner in Shopify sales!

Saturation Inspector - Your key to finding the right products

Saturation Inspector helps you find 'untapped' dropshipping products. You can easily see which other Shopify dropshipping stores are selling those products to see if they are saturated before selling on your store. 

With Saturation Inspector Shopify Extension:

  • Discover how saturated any product is on the following supplier sites: Aliexpress, CJdropshipping, Spocket & Alibaba.
  • Reveal the number of stores selling each product, the total sales volume, the average price, and the profit margin.
  • Filter products by category, price, sales, reviews, and more.
  • Export product data to CSV or Excel files compatible with Shopify import.
  • Access detailed product pages with images, videos, descriptions, reviews, and more.

Once you add the extension to your browser, click on the Saturation Inspector icon to open the extension window when visiting any Shopify website or supplier site.

You can use Saturation Inspector to find winning products to sell, avoid saturated products, spy on your competitor's strategies, and increase your profits.

The Saturation Inspector also helps:

  • Save time and money by providing valuable insights into any product's saturation level and potential profitability.
  • Find untapped niches and products to sell by showing you what is trending and popular among other Shopify merchants.
  • Optimize your product pricing and marketing by showing you what other stores charge and how they promote their products.

Use this tool to gather data on many products quickly and efficiently. This tool lets store owners track their competitors' products, pricing, and promotions.

Similar extensions: ShopScraper - Spy Tool & Scraper for Shopify

SimplyTrends - Your all-in-one toolkit for Shopify store analysis

SimplyTrends is a free all-in-one Shopify inspector, spy, parser, and dropshipping tool.

It provides a complete 360-degree view of your eCommerce competitors. You can use this tool for eCommerce and dropshipping businesses to quickly learn about your competitors' stores and their best-selling products. This tool helps you stay on top of the latest product trends and insights.

Similar product: ShopifyHunt - Shopify Store Parser & Spy

Koala Inspector - Unveiling best-selling secrets with a click

This is a Shopify spy and dropshipping tool that reveals eCommerce secrets. It allows you to reveal apps that other stores use, understand their pricing strategy, and find out what their best-selling products are.

Koala Inspector provides store analytics, live sales checkout, review export, apps, tools reveal, etc. It also exports product data to Excel/CSV documents, compatible with Shopify store import.

Visit any Shopify store with Chrome that you want to analyze and view all the information on the extension panel. This tool helps you inspect your competitors' stores' product strategy and their best-selling products, precious for dropshippers.

Shopify Product Revealer - Instant product insights

Shopify Product Revealer Chrome Extension shows a Shopify store's latest, oldest, and best-selling products. 

It reveals the best-selling products from the Shopify marketplace and shows the latest and oldest added products inside a Shopify store. Simply click on the extension icon while browsing a Shopify store to reveal its product details.

This tool can help store owners understand what products are selling well in other stores, which can inform their own product selection and marketing strategies.

A similar extension is a Shopify Spy Scraper & Parser.

This extension scrapes products from Shopify-powered stores and saves them as an Excel document or CSV file. It can extract thousands of products within minutes, filter by a specific collection, and include all fields from Shopify product listings. It also exports to CSV format compatible with Shopify import format.

Shopify Product Scraper - Effortless product data export 

Shopify Product Scraper Chrome extension is a powerful product exporting extension that allows you to export product data from any Shopify store to a file in CSV format. 

With one click, you can export all product data to a CSV file. You can select specific collections or products to export and see detailed information about a product before exporting.

You can use this tool to easily export product data for analysis or import into another platform. This tool can save time and effort in managing product data, making it easier to analyze performance or migrate data between platforms.

Wrapping up

In today's fiercely competitive online retail landscape, staying one step ahead is essential. Thanks to Shopify spy tools like Saturation Inspector, SimplyTrends, Koala Inspector, and more, you can:

  • Discover your competitors' strategies, top-selling products, and pricing tactics.
  • Gather valuable data from multiple products and stores with a single click, saving you time and effort.
  • Find profitable niches, fine-tune your pricing strategy, and optimize your store's performance.
  • Download and import product reviews to improve your credibility and build trust with customers.

These tools will help you outsmart the competition, increase sales, and reclaim your most precious resource—time.

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