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Top 5 Products to Crush Sales in Q4

It's Q4, the grand finale of the year, and the time when eCommerce businesses can profit the most! 

The holiday season is upon us, and we've got a lineup of products that'll have your customers shouting, "Take my money!"  Whether you're an eCommerce retailer, a brick-and-mortar store, or a dropshipper, these products will maximize your Q4 revenue.

So, grab your shopping carts, and let's dive into the top products that are about to make you a Q4 rockstar.

A 137-part set! One will trigger sales

The number one is Mr. Cakesie. This product is a classic embodiment of holidays. 

Great as a gift, but perfect as a helper for preparing homemade sweet treats. Comes in a fascinating 137-part set that helps make pretty much any decoration or sweet you can imagine.

Mr. Cakesie, professional confectioner's set of 137 parts

You probably wonder now: How is this related to your sales? After all, you’re not going to bake and sell cookies. But it’s a pretty simple scheme - Offer helpful, quality products that your customers will adore, perfect for this season, and they will come back for more. One for them and more as a gift for their family and friends. 

That’s why this product is a quick win for dropshippers and eCommerce owners. Your customers won’t ask for the price when it comes to this unique and multifunctional product.

Mr.Cakesie is available at the best wholesale price in a Slovenian warehouse, enabling fast shipping across the EU. 

Sell emotion, not just a product

One more kitchen-related product, but with a different purpose: Warmo Pro – a luxury set of a cup with a heater. What sells this product is its uniqueness and special purpose. No, it’s not necessary for a living, but it makes life so much more convenient and interesting. And it’s what customers appreciate.

Also, its special purpose and luxury design make it the best gift for anyone. So, life without it is very possible. But after having it for a while, it becomes unimaginable to go through a day without Warmo Pro accompanying your daily coffee or tea rituals. At home, in the office, and even outside.

Besides the ease it provides, it also has features worth noting. The heater is made of good quality materials, tempered glass, and ceramics for lasting use and easy cleaning. It heats drinks at 45°, 55° and 65°. All you need to use this cup heater is a power source to plug in a USB cable, and you can use it anywhere.

A set of a cup and a heater for liquids

A cup with a liquid on a portable heater

A tip for a sales page for a product of this kind: Sell emotion, not just a product.

As we approach the holiday season, tap into the power of emotions and associations. Selling a cup and heater set isn't just about a product; it's about evoking feelings of warmth, comfort, and even nostalgia. 

By guiding your customers to imagine the soothing sensation of drinking a hot beverage in their favorite spot, you're not just selling a set but creating a comforting experience. This season, sell the idea of coziness, the joy of family, and the comfort of traditions – creating a meaningful story around this simple yet heartwarming product.

Jump to the catalog to check Warmo Pro and similar products.

Low-key fact: Men's fashion niche is booming and is still unexploited

Moving to the next hot product for a holiday, aka gifting season, that will boost your sales and ultimately profit… Hilcon, a set of fashion accessories for men. An elegant combination of sunglasses, wallet, watch, belt, and pen ideal for a modern man. 

 Exclusive set of accessories for a modern man

Why Hilcon?

  • Time-saving convenience: Customers can purchase an entire coordinated look in one go, making it a convenient and attractive option.
  • Fashion versatility: Suitable for various occasions, appealing to a broad customer base. It saves time, money, and effort in selecting and purchasing individual items.
  • High-quality materials: Durability and longevity with eco-leather and stainless steel.
  • Seasonal promotions: Ideal for selling during specific times of the year, especially during gifting periods.
  • Profit margins: Competitive pricing with room for healthy profit margins.
  • Cross-selling opportunities: Enables promotion of related items in your store.

Jewelry - timeless essential that’s always trending

Now, something for the ladies. A classic when it comes to gifting, there’s no room for mistakes with Extravaganza. It’s basically everything a woman needs to feel and look glamorous.

Golden, shiny jewelry set for women

A thing or two about statistics:

Digital commerce 360 data from the last year also backs up the fact that jewelry is a hit-and-WIN for eCommerce businesses, keeping a steady growth YoY. 

“2022 proved to be a good year for eCommerce merchants in the jewelry category. Despite the waning of the pandemic – and the resulting return to brick-and-mortar stores by shoppers – jewelry sold well online. The conversion rate rose to 1.9% from 1.8% in 2021.” Digital commerce 360

Back to the best jewelry sets for women

In case you want to offer your customers more than just a shiny, golden set, here are our other best-selling suggestions:

Black and golden jewelry set with shamrock motif
Cloverla - jewelry set with the popular shamrock motif
Silver heart-shaped jewelry set
Fidda – Heart-shaped jewelry set
 Fashion accessories for business women with red elements
Red Fashion Pack – Daring and glamorous fashion accessories

Toys: The holiday's main actors never let down

We are closing this batch of the best advice for the Q4 season with the safest bet ever. As you know, you'll never have to spend much effort when it comes to selling toys for Christmas gifts. 

Why not beat projections this year?

A few winning suggestions 

Everything comes down to an angle with toys. But one sales angle proved most profitable: emphasizing their fun and educational benefits. Here are some angles that made Toyuma a bestseller: 

  • Helps children master numbers, shapes, addition, and subtraction.
  • A toy that captures children's attention.
  • Encourages the development of motor skills and creativity.
  • Prepares toddlers to learn to write and draw even before school.

There is no parent or grandparent who would not want all this for their little ones. 

Educational wooden toy with numbers and shapes

Wrapping up

And these would be the top 5 products to crush sales in Q4. Provide only the best choices to your customers and watch the numbers grow.

Visit our catalog or consult our eCommerce experts for free to find trending products for the holiday season!

Happy Q4!

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